Crochet Shell Halter

 This was my first adult sized crochet garment; a halter done entirely in a closed shell pattern. I made one in black and another in red. They turned out great.

This was my own design. The pattern is a basic shell. Starting with one shell and widening each row (both ends) until the piece measures the width you need to fit around the ribs 34″ 36″ or 38″ etc minus 1″ (for button hem). Once you reach the target width, continue without increasing until you reach the desired length. Do a sc around the entire piece and add a 1″ hem of sc for button space on each end and sew on the buttons to align with matching button holes. On the other side, add button holes at measured intervals to fit the buttons sewn on to the other side. To finish off, make two (2) strands of 1 shell to sew onto the starting shell at the middle front and loop around neck with matching button closure.

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