Irish Crochet Shrug

Nothing says “Summer!” like an airy one-of-a-kind hand-made ensemble. Old world charm springs to mind when you slip into this top. I used some vintage buttons and left the stock ecru color of the thread, but this could easily be dyed to suit anyone’s preference.

This Irish Crochet Shrug was made as an accent piece for the shell tank. I think the open work (strawberry lace) in the top’s design compliments the openness of Irish lace, allowing the two to pair nicely.  It also allowed me to use up the remainder of size 10 motifs I had 🙂

The shrug is made in two sections and sewn together at the back. The ties were added during the final edging round.

These are the steps I took to make this shrug.

Step 1:  Using a nonpermanent sewing pencil, outline one-half of shrug on linen cloth.

Step 2: Using paperclips, affix linen cloth to a sheet of cold-pressed watercolor paper.

Step 3: Using pins, secure the linen-on-paper to a piece of Airtex High Density Foam. Tip: The foam should be thick enough to absorb the pins without allowing them to poke through the bottom and into your legs, furniture, etc..

Step 4: Arrange motifs in a design that is pleasing to you and pin in place.

Step 5: Make a chain long enough to cover the entire pencil-drawn-border and pin in place.

Step 6: Using dark sewing thread and a sewing needle, remove pins as you baste, turn motifs over so the front is facing down, and secure to linen cloth with a basting stitch. Note: This basting stitch is a temporary tack that will be pulled out when the netting is done.

Step 7: When motifs and border-chain are secure, begin in any corner of border-chain with a sl st, ch 2 or 3, sk 2, dc in next ch, and repeat to make the netting. Use pins to hold the netting in place as you make it. Optional: Make picots in netting using a Clone’s Knot.  Sew in tails as you work to keep the work area clean.

Step 8: When netting is complete, remove any pins and pull out the basting stitch, garment should lift off in one piece. Set aside.

Step 9: Turn the linen cloth over, retrace the pattern, and repeat process for the second-half of shrug.

Step 10: Using crochet thread and dull tipped crochet needle, join the two halves together at the back.

Step 11: Make two strands of Irish Cord in equal length to use as ties, finish off but do not snip or tuck tails in, set aside. Optional: Make a leaf or ball for one end of each cord.

Step 12: Decide on an edging and while you do the edging at the tie area, line up the cord, secure it to the work, and tuck in the tail as you continue edging.

Step 13: Sew/Tuck-in any remaining tails and snip ends.

Step 14: Steam press: Set shrug face down on ironing board, cover with linen cloth, steam press.

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