Treasured Heirlooms in Crochet

Any heirloom passed down generations is bound to spark a sense of pride. It’s retail value is of little consequence; who can put a price tag on sentimental value?

Among my crochet accoutrements I have a steel hook given to me by my great grandmother. It bears the reflection of many years of use. I like knowing that the last time I saw my great grandma Mary, she was crocheting.

I was grateful when my mom sent me some items great grandmother made. I was amazed at how intricate and delicate the stitchwork was. My favorite is her swan doily she made in 1980, still stiff with starch and looks like it was made only yesterday. The swans face one another toward the center and I placed a doll house tea set between them. I always admired the piece and, having never attempted amigurumi, thought the intricacy of it too advanced for my general knowledge. But, I can still feel the glee at discovering this pattern online. I mean, isn’t the internet wonderful?

  • Pattern Name: SWAN SYMPHONY, Swan Doilies
  • Pattern Designer: The Needlecraft Design Centre
  • Pattern Publisher: A Coats Publication, Craft Folio No. 009, J & P Coats (UK) Ltd., 1980
  • Pattern Available Online at:

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