Colorful Crochet

“Splendid Doily” A Patricia Kristoffersen Pattern

“Italian Gelato”

Crocheting with color is easy when you follow a pattern that appeals to you.  It’s  when you venture off on your own that things get creative.

Dare to be Creative.

Imagine all that you can do with color.  The ideas are endless.  In art and painting, color sets the tone, its mood and impression. The same is true of crochet.

The chevron type afghans, done entirely in sc, are one of the patterns where a little accent color makes a big impact. The cool green, off-white, bold red and dash of rose give this afghan an Italian gelato feel and this was important to me because I made this afghan for my step-father who is of Irish & Italian descent.

Color Theory.

Select colors that compliment or contrast each other. Explore variations.  There is a plethora of information available online by searching “Color Theory” and you don’t have to be a Monet or Whistler to figure it out. 🙂

Identify What Appeals to You.

If you have a favorite painting or pattern you’ve seen, identify its main colors and accent shade. Consider why it appeals to you and remember that some colors are timeless, others define an era. Think of the avocado greens of the 70s or sun-kissed orange of The Roaring Twenties.  Allow yourself to define the color, don’t let it define you, unless you want to be known locally as “The Pink Lady” or some such nonsense.

Same Pattern, Different Feel.

“Navajo Indian”

Here is the same pattern in red and white with black and gray accents.  The colors change the feel of this blanket to something reminiscent of a Navajo Indian rug.

Below is the Daisy Flower pattern, worked in yarn with palette color and in thread with Neapolitan color.

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