Exploring Alternate Uses in Crochet

Exploring alternative uses for crochet patterns is adventurous, rewarding and, at times, challenging. But I think you’ll find it’s worth the effort.

Begin by reviewing the afghan patterns in your collection, those you’ve worked and those you want to work. Consider whether they might look better as something else entirely, say a tablecloth or placemat. Remember that just because a pattern was written for one thing, doesn’t mean it’s limited to just that use. Many afghan patterns done in yarn, can be worked in thread with little or no adjustment.

This change in medium: from worsted weight yarn to size 10 bedspread weight thread and from large aluminum (size H-K) yarn hooks to finer steel thread hooks (size 1 – 8) renders these patterns smaller, daintier and provides many alternative uses such as tablecloths, runners, placemats, curtain panels, chair covers, collars, cuffs, etc.

Pineapple Afghan

Here is an example of an open-work pineapple type afghan that I worked a few years ago. The pattern is available on pg. 28-31 titled “A Pretty Welcome” in the crochet book titled “Afghans for All Seasons – Book 2” published by Leisure Arts c. 2001 ISBN 1-57486-213-8. Following the pattern, the afghan is worked in worsted weight yarn with a size H (5.00mm) aluminum hook. It measures approximately 50” x 67”.

Here is the same pattern I worked as a table runner in size 10 bedspread weight thread with a size 1 (2.75mm) steel hook. It measures approx. 14” x 56” but could easily be widened or lengthened to fit any table.

Pineapple Tablerunner

From yarn to thread and back again. Here is a video on youtube, where the designer used a thread doily pattern to create a yarn covering for an umbrella. Brilliant and well done! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rUE55NHeJ9o

Nicky Epstein designed the Temair Throw as an afghan using Lion Brand yarn. Here it is in thread, as a chair back cover. In this smaller size, it would also work as a doll blanket.

Temair in Thread

Temair in Thread


Vanessa Montoro designed the Olivia Dress as an adult size above knee dress using 100% silk medium, natural dyed. Here it is in thread as a Collectible Doll Blanket measuring 15″W x 18″L; about the size of a placemat.

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