Venetian Crochet Pattern – Collar

This is my 2013 rendition of a 1949 Venetian Collar. I really like this pattern. It was difficult to follow and I couldn’t get it to work, but I made some adjustments and managed to finish the piece “in-the-style-of” using techniques that worked for me. The result is not identical: 6 petals vs. 7 and I could not squeeze in another and still keep it flat. I think you have to use much smaller thread; perhaps a 30 or 40 weight. I used DMC Perle Cotton in size 8, which is similar to US size 20 thread. I made this in navy blue for a silver v-neck sweater. Matching cuffs are included in the original pattern.

The original pattern is just 2 triangles and a single row of filet across to connect in back. I added a 3×11 filet grid to join the two sides, followed by 8 rows of open mesh for drape in back. No edging was given; I did a sc with ch-3 picots along each outer mesh. The collar works up quick and uses approx. 15g of DMC perle #8. The finished piece is thin and comfortable. Tip: Add a hook and eye clasp to secure at the front or use a brooch.

The Venetian flower motif would look great on just about anything; as an edging, applique or thread embellishment. I’m sure it could be worked in yarn too, although the sts might have to be decreased… I haven’t tried that.

This is a video tutorial uploaded to YouTube, so you can pause and follow along. The pictures show how it should look after each step.



Vintage Filet Collar with Venetian Edging

033Use as an edging or modify and create an Irish Crochet Motif.f05e251372774a2434bbd579361c1c57_MG_2490

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