Millefiori Necklace Eyeglass Holder

  • Millefiori Necklace Eyeglass HolderThe Venetian Come Summer
  • by Ann Reillet

The word millefiori, Italian for a “thousand flowers” was coined in 1849 by Apsley Pellatt in his book titled Curiosities of Glassmaking. Prior to this, they were simply called mosaic beads or Venetian glassware. The oldest example of a mosaic bead was found during the excavation of a 7th century Anglo Saxon burial site at Sutton Hoo, near Woodbridge, Suffolk, England.

Interestingly, the technique of creating mosaic glass was temporarily lost to history until it was rediscovered in the 19th century. After which factories sprung up in Italy, France and England to create the designs we know today. Millefioris are fun to look at and, when used in jewelry, compliment almost any garment whether solid, print or variegated.

1 pair corrugated bead eyeglass cord chain ends (in silver or gold)
French Wire (in silver or gold)
Silk Thread, Size F (double strand for added strength)
55 total flat millefiori beads not more than 6mm (in both round and square)
A healthy supply of tiny glass spacer beads in various colors (Use 3 spacers betw. millefioris)

Make necklace eyeglass holder between 24 – 27 inches depending on how long you want it to hang.

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