Beaded Autumn Necklace

_MG_2195Autumn Leaf Bolero Necklace
by Ann Reillet

Now that Fall has ended, I finally finished my Autumn Bolero. I think you have to start this project in Spring 😉 It was fun to make, though I did rather feel like a squirrel on a nut hunt as I searched for beads and findings reflective of a warm Autumn palette.

This is hand knotted silk, doubled for strength. I re-purposed some vintage filigree gold tone briolettes and found a lovely Pearl Enhancer/Shortener Clasp to accent the piece.

The strand measures 37″ inches in length.

Glass beads would work too and they’re a lot less expensive, but I think gemstone beads with all their imperfections look best. Yellow topaz, red carnelian, green peridot and brown glass/smokey quartz are at work here. These are 8mm round faceted gemstone beads. Other options include: tourmaline, agate, quartz, garnet, jade… even amethyst.

Although I chose an ormulu, the briolettes could be done in gemstones and a thin strip of velvet tied in a bow would look lovely in place of the clasp. I’m a firm believer of creativity.

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