One Skein Crochet Projects

Crochet Cowl

Crochet Cowl

Button Cowl. No pattern? No problem. Scarfs and neck warmers can be made from any combination of stitches; shells, ripples, lace, motifs. Cowls are also a great way to use up left over yarn, usually taking less than one skein to complete.

First consider the purpose: decorative or warmth? That will determine whether you want open-work or close tight stitches.

If it’s warmth you seek, crochet the cowl in single or half double and consider a chevron or ripple stitch using multiple colors. Check your pattern books or online, even youtube for videos on particular crochet stitches. Once you know the multiple or the pattern of a stitch, you can decrease or increase according to the length you desire.

I live in Southern California, so I tend to lean toward decorative scarfs; lots of open, airy patterns. I chose an alternating row of seed and V-stitches to do this cowl. (I think popcorn stitches would look good too.)

Alternating Rows:
1. Make a chain ranging from 84 to 104.
2. Seed stitch the ch by alternating dc and sc across; working one stitch per chain.
3. V-stitch the seeds with a ch-3 at end, and in each sc across work a dc-ch1-dc, ending with a dc in last st.
4. Seed the V-stitches by working a dc and sc in each v or ch1 sp.
5-12. Continue alternating rows 3&4 until desired width is achieved, usually about 4 3/4″ – 5″ inches
13. Add a trim that allows some spacing for a button to fit through. I did a shell (5dc together with a sc between for spacing). Break yarn. Weave in tails.

Arrange your scarf, as you would like to wear it. Determine where you want to add buttons or use a brooch or hat pin to secure. Finish with a motif, perhaps a flower or leaf in a complimentary color; hand sew on cowl.

The V-Stitch alternates well with various stitches. It’s a go-to stitch when you want openness in your crochet work. Here it’s shown in a child’s headband constructed from a ch that stretches to 16″ followed by one row of v-stitches.

The 2nd row is done in the round, 2sc per v and 1sc between, with 3sc at each end for turning.

Color is changed for round 3, which is sc in back loops only. If you don’t want to change color, crochet the round in standard two loop and alternate a dc then sc in each st around.

The bow is started with a ch of 18, hdc in 3rd ch frm hook and in each ch across.
Ch 2, hdc in each hdc across for 6 more rows.
Break yarn. Weave in tail. Hand sew the center in an accordion fold.
Then make a short ch, not more than 10, hdc in 3rd ch frm hook and in each ch across.
Break yarn, weave in tail, hand sew the short hdc strip over the center.

To finish, sew half of the bow onto the headband.
Ideally, measure for use. (The headband should stretch to 18″)
Use a button, hook, velcro to secure or, hand sew.

Baby Tam

Baby Tam

baby tam

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