Irish Crochet Pattern – Violin Motif

_MG_2244Designed by Chinami Horiba, this delicate violin motif chart is available online free at:

I worked this in US size 20 thread with a #10 (1.15mm) steel hook, adding a sl st around and created the bow. The finished motif measures 3 3/4″ inch length. It was fun to make and super relaxing… especially while listening to a symphony recording of Lucien Durosoir‘s Le Lys, a sonata in A minor for violin and piano.

Le Lys” was composed by Durosoir in the year 1921. The French composer survived the war; and the duet he composed is reflective of the anguish he faced in the trenches, awaiting the cover of night to carry wounded soldiers on stretchers back to safety. The tune is like a gentle flowing river of sadness that graces mellifluously across the musical scale.

This version of Le Lys is played by the University of Tulsa. Click to listen:

BOW Pattern

Post Script:  The original bow (shown above) was worked free form. It’s been awhile since I made it, but the following written pattern is basically similar.

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