Irish Crochet Pattern – Padded Leaf Motif

Crochet LeafIrish Crochet Motif – Padded Leaf Pattern

If you’re new to Irish Crochet and haven’t used padding in your motifs, this is a good place to start. Padding threads add texture, raising the motif and gives it a three dimensional appearance.

This leaf motif was inspired by a machine-made lace that had an Irish look so I created this leaf ‘in-the-style-of’ using techniques that worked for me and hope you’ll give it a try. Variations are encouraged; pointed tip and picots around the edges. Artistically, it might look better if it were less symmetric.


Crochet Thread, size 20 and size 10 (for pad)
US10 / 1.15mm Steel Hook, Scissors and Needle

_MG_22841.) Begin by cutting four 14″ inch strands of size 10 thread, hereinafter referred to as “pad”. *Fold one strand in half, then in half again. *Repeat for each strand. Notice how one side has two loops; the other has one loop and two ends. The side with two loops is the starting side. Set aside.

Remaining steps pictured below.

2.) With size 20 fine thread, sl kn, ch 8, sl st in 8th ch from hook to form ring.

3.) ch 1, working over ring and tail, *sc in ring, *repeat 15 times (=16 sc), snip any remaining tail then join with sl st to 1st sc

4.) ch 2, working over sc, *dc in ring, *repeat 23 times (=24 dc), join with sl st to 1st dc

5.) ch 3 (for vertical stem), ch 8 (for horizontal), sk 3 dc on ring, sl st in next dc, ch 2, sk 2, sl st in next dc, turn

6.) Stop. Pick up one pad, making sure that the starting end has two loops. Working over the ch and both loops consisting of two strands, dc 1 time. This secures the end. Working over the ch and all four strands of pad, dc 14 times (=16 dc including dc created in step 5), ch 3 (does not count), drop pad but do not cut, sl st in 1st ch of 3 remaining chains of vertical stem.

7.) ch 8, sk 3 dc on ring, sl st in next dc, ch 2, sk 2, sl st in next dc, turn

8.) Carry pad over. Working over ch-8 and all four strands of pad (in and away from pad end, letting the pad hang out from the edge away from the motif), dc 15 times (=16 dc, including dc created in step 7), sk ch-3, sl st in dc. Gently pull pad ends away from motif. Remaining pad is waste; carefully snip.

Repeat rows 5 – 8, three times with the following exception: sk 3 dc on first tier, sk 5 dc on 2nd tier, sk 7 dc on 3rd tier and 9 on final tier.

Ending with stem, ch 9, hdc in 3rd ch from hook and in each ch, join with sl st. End. Break thread long. Weave tail up the center through the ch-3 connectors. Now you’ve worked an Irish motif with pad. Congratulations!

PS: Great zoom on the camera. Mortified to see a hair in the picture! I had to get a magnifying glass to wrestle it out. All apologies.

I’m left-handed, so you may have to look at the images below through a mirror.

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