Irish Crochet – Timeless Beauty

Poppies CottageIrish Crochet – Timeless Beauty
Irish crochet is about texture and artistry. The intricate motifs and netting create an illusion of flowers caught in a spider’s web. At its finest, it is elegant and timeless like this gorgeous muslin with Richelieu/cutwork embroidery interspersed with rich intricate sections of Irish Crochet Lace. (Photo courtesy of owner/seller.)  This museum quality dress sold February 2014 at Poppies Cottage:

1873fashion-smIn an evolving world, we look back on extraordinary vintage pieces and remember them as wedding dresses, but often these were everyday dresses in a time of grandeur and opulence. Long, flowing on the floor, they were worn over an assemblage of frightening undergarments; the whale bone steel cage or cuirass hoop, bustle, corset, stays and petticoats.

It was a time of impeccable finery. Formality and etiquette dictated nearly every aspect of life. By the 1930s, it’s safe to assume that fashionable women everywhere possessed at least one article of Irish lace. Undergarments simplified over time; hoops, bustles and corsets gave way to slips, girdles and silk stockings while hem-lines grew ever shorter. Today, they’re mainly worn in time-piece costume or on wedding occasions, but the Irish lace remains a timeless beauty.

If you’re interested in learning How to Irish Crochet, check out my tutorial at the top of this page.

Bette Davis Death on the Nile

Bette Davis
Death on the Nile


Cuirass Hoop

Cuirass Hoop

Camel Bustle

Camel Bustle



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