Collectible Crochet Hooks – Storage and Maintenance

_MG_2341If you love crochet as much as I do, chances are you’ve collected, accumulated or amassed a fair share of equipment along the way. These antique hooks, stilettos, scissors, needles are of some use today. Others have bent, rusted, or fallen out of favor as your normal go-to item. That’s not to say they don’t retain collectible value or incite a sense of nostalgia. Among my crochet accoutrements I have a steel hook given to me by my great grandmother. Today, the best place to find vintage hooks with mother-of-pearl or cattle bone handles is Ebay and Ruby Lane.

The Fountain of Youth:
Over time and great use, oils from our hands wear down the sheen around the handle. The steel can be left as-is or re-plated in sterling silver. The Medallion brand of Liquid Silver Solutions is wonderfully effective. They’ve mastered an easy method of making these old hooks glisten with rejuvenation.

_MG_2342Pirate’s Booty:
Treasured crochet hooks can be stored in any manner you deem fit. I store mine in an antique spoon case. Spoon cases make wonderful presentation boxes for hooks, pens, pins…and spoons. You can buy a new vintage style spoon case here:

Another idea is to alter your existing vinyl zippered Boye hook case by covering it with Fabric, Venice lace, Burlap, Pearl Trim and Crochet Motifs.

Altered Cigar Tin

“There is a very fine line between hobby and mental illness.” – Dave Barry

2 thoughts on “Collectible Crochet Hooks – Storage and Maintenance

  1. Hello! I just found you, searching for instructions and patterns for Irish crochet lace. I’m a newbie at this, though not to crochet, and you’ve provided a wonderful resource here. Thank you! And yes, I have collected far too many antique sewing tools, including a small Palais Royal sewing box, that are beautiful to look at but impractical to use. But one can find modern day size 14 and 16 steel hooks with bone or rosewood handles at Lacis (no affiliation) as well as on ebay. 🙂

    • Hi Lark, Welcome! Thank you for the wonderful feedback. I’m familiar with the Palais Royal piano box, but I’m sure they made many styles. French ormulus are the best. Reuge did a musical sewing box. Another thing I saw was an ad in a boxed set of crochet hooks; they were bone or resin with stilettos, which I thought were for cutwork, but the company advertised them as a stitch gauge. I’d never seen that before. Anyway, cheers! – Ann

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