Crochet Balls

Crochet Drops Balls

Ornamental crochet balls can be used to decorate purses, pillows, curtains and a variety of scarfs or clothing. Even plain, they enhance the motif or garment. They can be embellished with wooden beads or faux gems and fringe. Create them in yarn or thread in various sizes to fit your project.



Basic Ball Pattern:
1. ch 4, sl st in the 4th ch from hook to form ring
2. 8 sc in ring, do not join
3. 2 sc in each sc (=16 sc), do not join
4-10. sc in each sc, stuff with filler (cotton ball, cut to size)
11. in every two st, sc-tog decr. (=8 sc)
12. in every two st, sc-tog decr. (=4 sc)
13. close top and add stem (optional)


6 thoughts on “Crochet Balls

  1. Thank you for this tutorial! So when you say “cotton balls” do you mean the type you can buy at the drug store.. as in the type of cotton balls you use to remove makeup and the like?

    • Yes, ordinary cotton balls; taking one and tearing from it only what is needed to pad the interior by rolling, stuffing and packing it in with a blunt needle. This results in maintaining shape, like a pillow. An alternate method would be to use cotton batting. – Cheers, Ann

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