Irish Crochet – Archery Motif & Lockset

Ann Reillet Archery Motif “It darted through her with the speed of an arrow that Mr. Knightley must marry no one but herself!” – Emma, Jane Austen c.1815.

Archery was popular in the 17th to 19th centuries, one of the few sports women could participate in. Tennis, croquet and eventually golf replaced its popularity. The first ladies tennis match at Wimbledon occurred in 1884. Indeed, Hardouin’s 4th volume, motif No. 65 titled “Noeud Tennis,” c.1905, depicts crossed rackets and five tennis balls. But I digress.





_MG_2400This is a three dimensional free-form crochet motif. I created it from a photograph of a vintage 1890 Archery Target & Bow with Quivered Arrows. A needle case ormulu manufactured by W. Avery & son Redditch. This antique sold on ebay Feb. 2012.

Photo Courtesy of Seller.



_MG_2395Crocheted in sections and sewn together, the motif measures 3″ in diameter using size 20 thread and #10 steel hook.



Irish Crochet motifs don’t have to be limited to just flowers. If you can crochet it, you can use it! Any item, particularly those associated with vintage life, looks great in Irish Crochet, like this small lock set motif with skeleton key:

Escutcheon & Skeleton Key

Escutcheon & Skeleton Key

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