Irish Crochet Motifs – Texture Sans Padding

Popcorn LeafExperimenting with texture in Irish Crochet, I thought I’d try a popcorn stitch instead of the standard padding. These are new motifs for a crochet project I’m working on. Usually, leaves are created vertically, but this berry sprig is crocheted horizontal from bottom to top using a popcorn stitch.




_MG_2471This single leaf is from a vintage 1904 pattern. I used a seed stitch rather than the clones knot suggested in the pattern. The tc seed stitch creates raised bumps that are more delicate and pliable than a clones knot.


_MG_2372The texture for this sun type flower is created by rotating the piece in the round to work the bar of the preceding double crochet; rather than crocheting on top of the circle. The shell stitch is sideways in the round, giving it texture.

Tip: Create different flowers by following various doily patterns up to round 3 or 4, then add petals.




Hardouin 4th Volumebluebells_MG_2537

10 thoughts on “Irish Crochet Motifs – Texture Sans Padding

  1. Beautiful 🙂 …After seeing this, I feel like I should try with bobble and puff stitches too on Irish motifs and see how it looks…I think the one with bobble will be thick and puff will be soft and light right???…

    • Yes, I think any of the texture stitches could be incorporated into Irish motifs. The raspberry or bobble stitch was too wide for the little berry but it would look great in the center of an oval shaped leaf. The popcorn stitch that I did was a shell popcorn, in that I did 5 dc in one sp, then joined the 1st and 5th dc with a sl st to make the popcorn. It was made back and forth, so I had to switch which end to come from so the popcorns would go outward on the same side. Anyway, the shell popcorn, enabled me to keep the stitches tighter. Cheers!

    • Yes, in variations. Say you have 10 sts along one row, you make 5 dc, then join the 1st and 5th to create 1 popcorn that is 5 sts wide, then ch and continue the next 5 dc to join in like manner. There’s only room for two popcorns. Now, say in the same scenario, instead of making 5dc across in each st, you put all 5 dc in one st, pc, ch 1, sk 1, 5dc and pc again, now you have room for 4 or 5 popcorns that are narrower than in the 1st scenario. Does that make sense?

  2. I have used the roll stitch, or bullion stitch in Irish looking laces before also. It has some nice applications, especially in shell designs with extra long (yarn-over 18) type rolls. So pretty! I love the Lily of the valley you have posted. One of my favorite flowers.

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