My mom gave me this vintage Edwardian glass and ormulu trinket basket while I was visiting last week. It has an etched design in the green glass bottom of a child offering his mother a bouquet of flowers. It’s marked Scandanavia and truly serendipitous as I immediately recognized the pattern.

Below middle is a picture from F. W. Kettelle‘s 1915 Filet Crochet book and below right, is the curtain panel that I made in this pattern.  My mom had no idea I had made this and then she gave me the same pattern. A happy coincidence; Thanks Mom!

The crochet pattern worked as a filet insertion for tablecloth or curtain panel designed by Mrs. F.W. Kettelle, circa 1915. Pattern from Priscilla Publishing Company, Book No. 2 (ISBN: 0-486-23745-1). Example constructed in size 70 thread with a #14 steel hook. See figure 63; titled “Spring.” It has a companion piece in the same book: figure 75 titled “Autumn.”

H2O print with laceMy mother is so artistic. She embellished a watercolor print from an original I made and had given to her. She used a piece of embroidered lace, cut to size and framed it shabby chic. It improved the artwork, so I was thrilled. Proof that two minds are better than one.



2 thoughts on “Serendipitous

    • Thank you. I’m working on the companion piece now. The Autumn filet pattern. I haven’t decided if I’m going to use them as a curtain or tablecloth insertion… Cheers!

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