Altamira 025They say the journey to resolving problems begins by admitting them, so:

“Hi, I’m Ann and I’m a procrastinator.”

Procrastination reveals itself in many ways, not just the obvious pile of crochet projects mounting on the work area or tucked away in boxes. Even writing this article is a form of procrastination. I nearly chucked it, having recognized it as a means of creating new tasks to put off existing demands, but then I read my horoscope:

“This isn’t a good time to try new endeavors — not even those that seem like they are the best of ideas. Your energy is just better suited to cleaning up old problems or motoring along on the same paths.”

Yep that’s me, “motoring along”…popping down the road like a firecracker spewing tons of exhaust.

Whatever the reason for procrastinating: laziness, boredom, mundane, overwhelming, complexity, in-over-one’s-head, frustration, timing, pressure, perfectionism, fear of failure, inability to prioritize, etc… a plan of action is needed.

I think the best approach is rounding them up for physical inspection. It helps to identify the reasons the project remains unfinished. By tackling the symptoms first, it makes prioritizing easier. Focus on each project one-at-a-time to see it to completion. In the meantime, cease starting new projects.

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