Cast Decoupage


Cast Decoupage

Well I never thought I’d say this, but it’s good to be left-handed. At least for the next month, anyway. Pretty sure this cast is going to interfere with everything, but I had to decorate it, right?

Decoupaged in lace, paper, burlap, crochet and a clock face because time is a great healer.



Design, dampen images (no inkjet prints), brush glue on cast, place items, brush glue over items pushing out air pockets, let dry, apply second coat if needed.


Discovering all the little things I can’t do, like shave my left arm pit. Seriously though, watching YouTube videos on ‘How to Style Hair One-Handed’ uploaded by an amputee, I’m humbly reminded that no matter how bad it may seem, it could always be worse. There is much to be grateful for.

It takes awhile to get used to a cast. There’s some claustrophobia and loss of freedom; a coming to terms with the injury. My arm still swells if I try to do too much or forget to elevate it at night.

In talking with other people who have had full arm casts, I understand I’m lucky to have the half-cast. Apparently straightening the elbow after all that healing is more painful than breaking one’s arm.

I broke my wrist banging it on the edge of a counter while rounding a corner too fast. It caused what the doctors call a “chip fracture.”

White casts tend to show dirt more readily. I cleaned mine with anti-bacterial hand-sanitizer then white-washed it with a thin mix of acrylic paint and matte medium to lighten gray areas.

There’s an odor that accompanies casts. Having tried talcum powder, dryer sheets and linen spray, I found perfume to be the best remedy.

Cast removed June 18…. I’m freeeeee 🙂

11 thoughts on “Cast Decoupage

  1. Hope your arm heals quickly. Loved visiting your blog. I envy all of you that can crochet. My mother said she could not teach me as I was left handed so I stayed with the sewing.

    • Thank you. I enjoy sewing, but I’m not very good at it. There are so many techniques, it’s hard to know where to start. I’ve been trying to learn insertion lace because that is something that incorporates crochet. There are some wonderful left-hand tutorials on youtube. Theresa Richardson aka Crochet Geek is actually right handed, but she creates a mirror image video for us lefties. Cheers, Ann

  2. I agree with you it is good to be left handed when you break the right, I had my on for 8 weeks and yes it does interfere. I’m sorry you have to go though it, my cast was purple and I couldn’t decorate it due to my left arm and shoulder being injured also. Yours looks so pretty.

    • Thank you. I’m on the final 7 day count down. I couldn’t imagine a full leg cast and all the misery that will surely accompany it. Just remember that all of this is temporary and things will get better. Cheers, Ann

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