Treasure a Grad

Congratulations Class of 2014!

They say today’s grads are tomorrow’s leaders, boy are we in trouble 😉 Seriously, it’s that time of year; caps flying, parties hopping. The time, when grown-ups ante up money to bet the farm and future or the future of farming depending on one’s outlook.

Treasure a grad with a chest o’money:
1 Print a stock photo of a treasure chest
2 Cut out the picture, then cut off the lid
3 Get a piece of wrapping or tissue paper
4 Line up the photo with lid closed
5 Pencil/outline the shape on paper
6 Reverse the lid to the top line
7 Fold at same top line
8 Cut out the shape on the paper
9 Glue perimeter of photo to paper
Let dry; use as money pouch or to store a photo or keepsake
Treasure 1Treasure 2Treasure 3

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