Irish Crochet Motif – A Rose by Some Other Name

Vintage Rose Type MotifI often search online auctions for vintage Irish lace. The designs of the motifs and layout are a source of inspiration. Some patterns I recognize, others leave me guessing how they were made.

This is a motif I saw in an Edwardian overdress. The garment, constructed mainly of embroidered tulle trimmed in Irish lace, was so exquisite as to never go out of style. The motifs included roses, sunflowers and this variation of a rose that is unlike anything I’ve seen before.

Recreated without a pattern,  my finished motif, (size 30 thread with #10 hook) measures 2″ H x 4 1/2″ W; a good size for a motif.  It starts as a standard Irish Rose (ch 5, join,12 sc in ring…) then worked for only four (4) petals creating a third (1/3) of the perimeter with 3 tiers of petals. The 4th tier is worked entirely in dc. There are two rows of dc with picot and padding added to the 2nd/final row. The lower leaves are worked separately as one piece and sewn to the bottom of the rose. I used a chain 50 followed by sc, then 2 rows of open trellis and padded the perimeter before whip stitching the join.

Vintage in the style of Rose Type Motif

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