Crochet Cuffs

4bDetachable cuffs are an interesting accessory; a lingering remnant of a bygone era. Although uncommon, they’re still in use and for good reason. Cuffs upcycle even the simplest long sleeved top, instantly transforming it into a fashionable affair with form and function. They go well with sweaters, jackets and blazers when a sleeveless top is worn beneath; adding style without the heat.

Worked in Aunt Lydia’s Fine Crochet Thread size 20 with a Susan Bates #10 (1.15mm) steel crochet hook, the finished cuffs measure 7 3/4″ in. (19 1/2mm) length by 2 1/2″ in. (6 1/2mm) width.

To purchase materials for this project, visit:

Construction begins with the Vintage 1912 Crochet Edging pattern found here:

1) Join 10 total motifs per cuff: 5 top, 5 bottom (10-Lg 8-Md/Sm 6-Child) (can be worked in thinner thread)
2) Add trim for edging found in same pattern.
3) Ending with a second trim (see chart herein).
4) Finish with a hook, button, ribbon or elastic closure/fastener.
5) Optional: As insertion, sew on bottom of salvaged sleeves adding an elastic stay at top.
6) Leave color as is, tea-stain, or use a fabric dye.

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