Crochet Irish Rose – Deviation with Drops


This motif starts off as an Irish rose for two rounds. Then, after creating the ch-4 loops for the second tier, long leaf-like petals are added.

Flower Pattern: ch6, join to 6th ch from hook to form ring, ch1, 12 sc in ring, join w/sl st to 1st sc, ch1, sc, *ch3, sk1, sc *repeat around, join (=6 loops). Sl st in 1st loop, ch1, **sc-3dc-sc in each loop **repeat around, join to underside of original 6 loops, ***ch4, back post sl st in underside of original 6 loops ***repeat around, join (=6 loops hidden in back). Sl st in 1st loop, ch 18, dc in 4th ch from hook and in each back reducing to hdc and sc near base, join. Work around and back in sc, hdc, or dc as needed to shape leaf-like petal for each loop space, finish with a lattice on one side sc-ch3-sk1-sc, put 3 stitches in top to work around then sc, ch1, sc down toward center.

The drops are a basic ball pattern, stuffed with cotton and woven up through the motif and/or additional drops.

Drop Pattern: ch4, join to 4th ch from hook to form ring, ch1, 8 sc in ring, do not join, 2 sc in each sc counting to 16, 1 sc in each sc for 4 rounds or just count the sc to 64 (16×4), then reduce by 1/2 to 8 with sc, 2-tog-decr, sc, 2-tog-decr, rounding down to 8. Stop. Cut some cotton off a cotton-ball (1 cotton ball will stuff about 5 drops), roll into a smaller ball and stuff into basket of ball using crochet hook to press it down, add as much as the ball will hold without coming over the top, close top here for round ball (see top ball of black and white picture) or continue crocheting for raindrop-like (lower two in photo), reducing round by 1/2 to 4 with same sc, 2-tog-decr, sc, 2-tog-decr and close top by sl sting op side, ch 10, break thread long, tie off to maintain ch, leave thread strand until finished weaving through connections.

Worked in size 20 thread with a #10 hook, the finished motif measures 2″ in diameter and 4 1/2″ in length (including drops).

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