Tea Staining

Tea staining is a fun and easy solution for hiding stains, antiquing fabric or paper. It even makes a great hair dye.

Boil 1 cup water (or enough to cover fabric)
Add 3 tea bags per cup of water
Steep 5 minutes
Remove tea bags
Submerge fabric
Soak 2-3 minutes (or until desired color achieved)
Rinse 1 min. in cold water
Wring out excess water
Block, Iron, Shape if needed
Let dry (It will dry to a slightly paler shade)

2 thoughts on “Tea Staining

    • Thank you. Only if the stain is recent will it come out in the wash. Even then, it would need a stain remover. Heat sets it in and the cold water captures it. Although it may lighten some over time with washing, it will never be the white it once was.

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