Filet Crochet – Dragon Purse

1916 Filet Crochet Dragon Purse


Home Needlework Filet Crochet Book
Edited by Mira L. Huston
Published by HNN Publishing Co
Pg. 3

The original handbag calls for No. 150 crochet thread (modern 80 wt tatting thread) and No. 14 steel hook. The chart is 73 rows (including ribbon space) x 48 meshes width. There is no shaping; it’s a straight rectangle. It includes floral decoration in the upper section, not shown here. The original pattern is available online at Antique Pattern Library.

For this project, I used size 20 thread and 8-10 steel hooks to create a child-size purse, so I imagine the original must have been a coin purse or chatelaine piece.  Utilizing only 49 rows height x 98 meshes wide; working in the round, adding 1 mesh per side to create just the dragon motif of the original pattern on both sides. Shaping was achieved by starting with a #8 hook for 3 rows, then #9 for 3 rows and #10 for remainder. The finished bag measures 6 1/2″ across bottom 5 1/2″ across top and 6″ length.

The purse is lined with a solid ecru silky fabric, trimmed in lace ribbon that was tea-stained to match. The strap measures 14″ length by 6 cm wide. It’s a single row of open mesh filet with 4-strand size 5 padding cord. Once the liner is made, it’s sewn into the opening rim of the purse. Later, I added a sew-on snap clasp.









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