Filet Crochet – 1910 Symmetrical Design

Worked in US20 thread with a #10 hook, the finished piece measures 2 1/4″ in. W x 12″ inches L.

Source:   Antique Pattern Library

  • Wolf & Dupeyron, ed.
  • Filet Ancien au Point de Reprise XII, Le
  • Paris, [c. 1910, 40 plates, covers missing] (see pg. 7)


  1. Detachable Cuff– Sew on snap type closure.
  2. Bracelet Cuff– Sew onto lace with  edging cord shaped to form cuff. Add bead work.
  3. Headband 1– Sew on a strip of elastic to fit from top of forehead to top of back top of neck.
  4. Headband 2– Crochet two (2) separate Venetian Lace Squares and join one corner of square to center end of filet. Then place the 3 joined pieces onto a strip of white or colored velvet or velour fabric and sew atop. To finish add a seam by hand or use a sewing machine and a snap-type button to secure.
  5. Insertion Lace– Sew atop fabric, such as the vertical side of a placemat, pillow case, etc.  or the horizontal bottom of  a curtain, towel, etc. or onto clothing. Carefully cut the fabric from behind allowing a 1/2″ gap to roll seam and sew the seam behind the fabric.
  6. Applique– Sew atop any fabric, such as clothing, pillows, etc.
  7. Decoupage– Glue onto any surface such as a plant pot, cupboard, chair, table, etc. using a clear dry glue.
  8. Dye– Use fabric dye or mix several colors and paint on with a small brush similar to a water color painting technique, or tea stain.

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