Irish Crochet Motifs – O’ Vanity

Dresser trays with assorted beauty implements make wonderful decorations for any dresser, vanity or Irish Crochet project. 🙂 These were made in US20 thread and measure about 4 3/4″ inch or smaller; the squares on my dining table are 4 1/2″ in.

These free-form crochet items can include anything you’re inspired to create, like:

• Perfume Bottle
• Handheld mirror, hairbrush and comb
• French Twist Prong or Hair-comb
• Compact

Place within a decorative border and net to join or sew atop a small Venetian square mat (tray) with added handles to use in a playhouse, or incorporate into the design of Irish Crochet clothing, or as decoration for a table runner.

If you would like to learn about the History of Vanity Trays, Dresser Trays and Plateaus, see Terry Hurley’s informative article here:


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