Irish Crochet Motif – 7 Petal Flower

7 petal flower motifIrish Crochet Motif

7-Petal Flower

by Ann Reillet



#30 crochet thread
#12 steel hook
Scissors, needle (for weaving in tail)
AAA battery (for padded center)

Using a AAA battery, wrap thread 10 times and fill with single crochet, 35 hdc over sc, join to 1st hdc
* Ch 8, sl st in 6th ch from hook to form ring, ch 1, turn

14 sc in ring, ch 1, turn

7 sc over sc, ch 3, 7 more sc over sc, sc in 1st ch and sl st in original join under this sc,

sl st in next 4 hdc and *repeat around, on last petal work to half sc between rings,

ch 6 (counts as dtr), *ch 6, sc in ch 3 sp, ch 6, dtr in sl st betw rings, **repeat around, join with sl st to 6th ch of 1st dtr

7 sc in each ch6 sp, ch3 betw. End. Break thread. Weave in tail.

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