Filet Crochet – Vintage 1922 Child’s Cardigan

Made in Original Color Scheme

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Smith, Addie L. Crandall
Corticelli Knitting & Crochet, Book No. 18
Corticelli Silk Co., Florence, Mass
c. 1922
35 pgs.

Child’s Silk Tuxedo Coat, No. 27A
Pg. 29-30

Pattern available online at:

Pattern Correction: “2d row: 2 c.m., 6 c.m., 8 o.m., 9 c.m. 1 o.m., 9 c.m., ch 3, turn.”

1 b 1922 Childs Tuxedo Coatc'est finis

If you would like the Microsoft Excel chart in PDF format that I created for this pattern, Contact Me, and I’ll email it to you. – Cheers, Ann

2 thoughts on “Filet Crochet – Vintage 1922 Child’s Cardigan

  1. Well done! I didn’t think the original colours sounded too nice, but actually I really like them, I want one for myself! Did your version come out child sized?

    • Thank you. Yes, it’s child-size; maybe a 5 or 6 year old. I used DMC Perle No. 8 with a #8 hook; it took 7 balls of blue and part of 1 ball of red and just over 1, maybe 1 1/2 of green. I wouldn’t normally combine these colors but it’s certainly colorful. To make an adult size sm-med, probably follow the same pattern but use sport wt yarn & G-hook.

      I’ll add the chart or send it to you. It’s easier to follow than a written filet crochet pattern.

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