Irish Crochet Motif – Celtic Knot

Irish Crochet Motif
Celtic Knot

This is a Triquetra-Vesica encircled or “Trinity Knot.”  Topologically, it’s trefoil; less intricate and easier to interlace. As an Irish Crochet motif, it looks at home in any pattern or layout.

  • US Size 20 thread
  • #10 hook (1.3mm)
  • Scissors and needle (for weaving in tail)
  • Sewing thread & needle (for securing knot to circle)
  • ch 20, join with sl st to 1st ch to form ring
  • fill ring with sc, join with sl st to 1st sc
  • ch 1, still working in ring, 35 sc over sc, join
  • Break thread. Weave in tail.
Knot Chain
  • ch 31, sc in 2nd ch from hook and in each ch
  • End. Break thread


Tip: To ensure your knot chain edges meet, tack first with sewing pins onto a blocking board or styrofoam pad and arrange before permanently sewing.

  • Starting at top triangle (any place on circle) sew the knot chain end under the circle, bring up toward right and over the circle; again securing the chain to the circle with sewing thread.
  • Once the top is tacked, straighten the knot chain and bring it down to the left lower side of the circle.  Matching the top (left side under, right side over) tack this side.
  • As you move over to work the lower right side in similar manner, take care to work over and under the preceding top knot in the inner circle.
  • Now, work the right lower side of circle under (left) and over (right) so that all the rights are over and all the lefts are under the circle.
  • Finish by bring up knot chain from the lower right side toward the top, working under and over the  inner circle lacing of the preceding 2nd (lower left) knot.
  • Bring the end of the knot chain to the under side joining it with the 1st knot and stitch ends together and to the circle.
  • Tie off and weave in ends.



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