Primitive Style Bow

DIY Primitive Style Bow

by Ann Reillet


Primitive decor relies heavily on elements of nostalgia, such as old lace or wooden sewing spools; things our great grandmothers used. Primitives evoke a feeling of warmth and hospitality. The soothing color palettes are reminiscent of oats and barley, coupled with strong accent shades, such as red, gray or black. The Crow Quilt by Kettle Grove is a fine example of primitive style.   The quilt  is available online at various retailers:

This primitive style bow is a wonderfully simple way to create a wall hanging accent.  It uses a layering forward technique with a variety of materials to form one piece and the best part is, you can use a glue gun if you don’t want to hand sew. Swapping out material or color makes this piece versatile for use in: French Country, Shabby Chic or Cottage style as well as holidays or occasions like birthdays and weddings. Of course, it could be used as a bow for gift giving.


I used the following components.

  • Ashland – Burlap Ribbon (Toile de Jute) 5″ wide
  • Michael Miller – Script Fabric (sold by the yard)
  • Hirschberg Schutz – Pearl Pack (fused)
  • Black Velvet Ribbon (3/4″ / double sided)
  • Black 8/2 Cone Wool Crochet Flower
  • Pearl Button With Shank
  • Scrap Lace and Tulle, less than 1/8 yd.
  • Small Scrap of Ribbon for Hanging Loop
  • Scissors
  • Glue Gun to Fuse Layers


  1. Cut a 24″ strip of burlap.  Cut that into three (3) strips. Cut one (1) of the strips into three (3) shorter strips. Scrunch and fray. Place the longer strips into a high “X” so the criss-cross is shorter on top and longer on bottom. Make sure you can fit two fingers at the bottom of the x so it’s wide enough to show all the components and still resemble a bow. Use a hot glue gun to fuse.
  2. Cut two (2) strips of fabric about 1″ wide and 20″ length. Scrunch and fray. Place the strips one at time so the bottom length lines up, glue. Then trim the top of so they come up only to the criss cross.
  3. Add a strip of velvet that is either one long piece arched at the criss cross or, if your velvet is one-sided, cut into two strips to lay over the fabric.
  4. Cut a shorter strip of lace about 14 – 16″ in. length by about 3/4″ in. width. Scrunch and fray by running it through your hands length wise and width wise, ball it up, pull it taut, then tie a knot in the middle of it and glue the knot to the criss cross.
  5. Cut a single strand of fused pearls long enough to arch at the criss cross and hang on both sides to the lowest points, glue above the knot.
  6. Cut a rectangle of tulle wide enough to go across the criss cross and tall enough to fold at least once maybe twice. Knot the tulle at the center and pull or shape it into a ‘bow.’ Glue.
  7. Using the 3 short strips of burlap, fill in the hollows at the top. Glue.
  8. Add a crochet flower. I used the 1894 Wheel for Tidy pattern available here:
  9. Add a pearl button to the center of flower.
  10. Hold it up, inspect by gently peeking around and add more glue as needed.
  11. Cut the lower ends at an angle to even up and taper in or out, whichever you prefer.
  12. Determine how high up you want the hanger to be, then cut a small 2″ inch strip of any of these materials or ribbon, glue one end, then fold up and over and glue the other end right on top.
  13. Hang, step back and around to see if it needs any adjusting or additional material.
  14. End. Clean up and don’t forget to unplug your glue gun 😉




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