Crochet Hook Case Makeover

Crochet Hook Case Makeover

by Ann Reillet

Tired of looking at that same drab vinyl hook case? You know, the one you panic if you can’t find? Well, this is a fun and easy way to spruce it up.

One (1) embroidered handkerchief or napkin
Scrap fabric, lace, burlap and trims
Beads, Pearls and/or Buttons
Small Crochet Flower or Motif and Venise Applique
Scissors and Hot Glue Gun


  1. Clean first using a damp cloth on the exterior and dry off. A dry toothbrush works good to dust the interior.
  2. Take a napkin or handkerchief with an embroidered edge and, working in sections, glue just the edge all around.
  3. Close the case and zip it. Then cut the excess fabric from the middle and glue that under/over. I created a pocket on one side.
  4. Open and close the case. Adjust the fit and add glue, if necessary.
  5. Cut some scraps of fabric (I used Michael Miller Script Fabric), burlap (optional), lace trims, tulle… any thing you want to add to cover the seams from the cut area of the first layer.
  6. Arrange trims. When you’re happy with the position, glue it down.
  7. Look for large open areas to place crochet flowers, motifs or Venise appliques. I used a crochet rose and butterfly with a Venise floral applique. The butterfly is a Megan Mills design available here:
  8. Add some pearls. I used a strand of fused pearls along the seam and added individual pearls around the motifs.
  9. Open and close the case. Zip and unzip it.  Then peek around to see if any edges need glue.
  10. Clean up any wispy glue strands. Add a thin strip of ribbon or velvet trim to the pull tab on the zipper.
  11. And last, but not least, don’t forget to unplug your glue gun.


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