Crochet News #1

Typed NewsCrochet Tidbits – Who Knew?

By Ann Reillet

In keeping with my desire to share with others, interesting crochet tidbits I stumble upon, I humbly divulge the following:

Breaking and Entering
When bobby pins and paper clips fail to pick open an interior door lock, the Boye #5 steel crochet hook works like a key. We shant go in to the story of how I discovered this, but now you know.

push button door lock

Acquiring Unfinished Works
Oh how I still love EBay. I recently acquired two (2) unfinished craft works there.  Who knew this market existed?

The first was a Crewel Embroidery handbag of Jacobean design that was approximately 3/4 complete. Perhaps a lifetime’s work and someone started late? It came in the original 1950s era box complete with instructions and remaining thread. I gave this as a gift to my sister who enjoys sewing.

The second unfinished item was a late 1930s tablecloth in the Queen Anne’s Lace pattern. It measures approximately 80″ length by 55″ width. The tails are un-tucked and it’s missing several rows of inner-fill motifs. It lacks an edging and has a small pin-sized stain, but the original pattern booklet, crochet hooks and vintage spools containing 1,750 yards of #30 thread were included.

I can’t help but wonder ‘Who crocheted this?‘ It’s lovely and the workmanship is excellent. I can’t wait to finish it, though I’m determined to complete the Sophie LaCroix project first. Having started that in September, I hope to finish by 2016, then I’ll start this project; hopefully seeing it through to the end.

Unfortunately, procrastination is common and life is fleeting. We can be here today and gone tomorrow. At any time, I may have five or more separate projects-in-motion. Not all of them get finished in a timely manner, if at all. So I wonder now, as I acquire these projects, when I go gently into the night, how many unfinished projects will I have? Regardless, it’s comforting to know that others recognize the value and store or keep them in order that someone might come along years later with the skill and inclination to finish them.

Unfinished 1930s Queen Annes Lace Tablecloth

Look to the Artists
Color theory is both an art and science. Whether in interior decorating, fashion, or crochet we’re often left guessing which colors work best together. Sometimes, we need only look to the Artists and Designers for answers.

This particular color scheme using rust as an accent shade for turquoise is seen in paintings, fashion and crochet.

If you have a crochet tip or trick you’d like to share, I’d love to hear it. Comment below or contact me directly.

Thank you for visiting and hope to see you again soon. – Ann

One thought on “Crochet News #1

  1. My goodness! That table cloth is just awesome! Lucky you to get the complete set. I am going to anticipate you finishing that project, I bet it would be lovely. Too bad there was no info on who started those unfinished crafts.

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