Crochet Thread Pattern – Bow Shoe Clips

Crochet Bow Shoe Clips

The center for these Crochet Thread Bow Shoe Clips begins with a chain 2 followed by two rounds of 12 sc worked into the 1st ch to form a padded ring. Alternately, padded centers are made by wrapping the thread around a small cylinder such as a match stick or the barrel of a larger crochet hook, then crocheting over the wrapped cord.

The Picot Loops that follow were described as early as 1900 (Fig. 51, pg 25) in the DMC Library Irish Crochet Lace book; Th. de Dillmont Ed. The center for this pattern is taken from the ca. 1912 (Fig. 11, pgs 4&5) of Priscilla Irish Crochet Book No. 1; Lula M. Harvey. In this format, it’s similar to an Irish Rose in that more and more rounds can be added to create layers.


It’s a video pattern, so you can pause and follow along.

Post Script: In the spirit of this technique; using the top single thread to st and the bottom for sc only, building tiers in this manner, I wondered what would happen if we change that top stitch from ch 3 (above) to say a crab stitch.

This is what the crab stitch creates; a Greek spiral.


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