Irish Crochet Motif – Pomegranate

Irish Crochet
Pomegranate Motif
by Ann Reillet c. 2015

There are many varieties of pomegranates grown sporadically across the Northern Hemisphere where good drainage, low alkali and deep loamy soil exists. In Northern California, orchards yield the ‘Wonderful’ variety in late summer.  True to their name, they’re wonderful as juice or in a salad, but I prefer to eat them fresh, seasoned with salt and lime.

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Skill Level:
Expert; special sts used: popcorn (pc) incr and decr, and standard sts up to triple treble (yo4x) (ttr)

DCM Cordonnet Special, Ball Size 80, Ecru with #18 (0.5mm) steel crochet hook (to measure about 1 1/4″) or Aunt Lydia’s Extra Fine Crochet Thread Size 30, White with #10 (1.3mm) (to measure about 2″), Scissors and Needle (for weaving in tail)

Row 1: ch 4, *dc in 4th ch from hook, *repeat 3 times = 5 dc, pc (pull up loop, remove hook, insert hook in top ch of 1st dc, from front to back, then insert hook in 5th drawn up loop, tighten loop and draw it through the 1st st = 1 popcorn), ch 3, do not turn

Row 2: dc in 3rd ch from hook 4 times, pc, ch 2, 5 dc in center of prev row, pc, ch 2, 5 dc in top of last side bar st, pc, ch 3, turn =3 pc Now that we’ve turned, take care that the popcorns are all raised on one side only; the front topside; to reverse insert hook back to front, then pull thru; alternating method for rows when worked is turned.

Rows 3 – 5: begin by making 5 pc sts over the three pc of prev row and maintain the 5 pc count for two more rows, at end of row 5, ch1, turn. =5 pc for 3 rows

Row 6: decrease to 3 pc sts on this row; sl st over one pc and omit last pc or tog with the neighbor, turn.

Row 7: working from the front side, decrease to 2 pc sts., ch 4

Row 8: make the calyx consisting of three 4 ttr-tog, sl st down side and sl st in next, ch 4, 4 ttr-tog again and sl st down side then last in same fashion, sl st down side and into next st. sc around perimeter (do not make the stamen at the opposite end (yet), when you meet back up with the calyx, turn

Row 9: sk 1st st (where we turned), sc in next 3 sts, hdc in next 2, now 2 sts per st 4 dc (2 sts used), then treble and double treble apexing at the center with a triple treble in 2 sts (4 ttr), mirror sts down and around, to top crown, turn

Row 10: sc around perimeter adding the stamen with a smaller tog of 3dc-tog, sl st down side as in the manner of the calyx. End. Break thread. Weave in tail.

My Inspiration & Chart

Pomegranate inspiration chart

The general shape lends itself to hot air balloons.

6 thoughts on “Irish Crochet Motif – Pomegranate

  1. Thanks for sharing this beautiful neat and pretty piece of work. Would like to give it a try but not sure if instruction given will be easy to follow.

  2. Wow I love that I found this site!! Thank you so much! I want to start learning how to Irish crochet and you are putting me in the right track. I feel even more excited and inspired to start! Thank you for the patterns. I can’t wait to try to make them 🙂

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