Seed Leaf Acorn – Irish Crochet Motif Pattern

Seed Leaf and Acorn by Ann Reillet

Seed Leaf et Acorn

I’m turning over a new leaf, literally.  Actually, I got carried away with the seed st today and created this crochet leaf and acorn. I hope you’ll give both a try. – Cheers, Ann

Seed Leaf
Ch 10, sc in 2nd ch from hook and in each ch (=9), two extra sc in last st to rotate for oval, sc in back loop of each ch plus two extra in last st, join. Working in the back loop of each sc, sc in each sc plus two extra in corner sts to turn for oval, join. After completing two rounds, ch 1, turn. (seed sts are inverted, thus the reason for turning).  Working in both loops, alternate sc in first st, then tr (yo2x) in next, alternating sc, tr etc…, join and end or add a stem with a ch4, hdc twice in 2nd ch from hook and hdc twice in each remaining ch, then join to leaf, end.

To make leaves of varying sizes, adjust beginning ch and/or the number of sc rounds worked in the back loop.

Same as drop pattern previously posted [see link below] (note, it’s basically a ch3, hdc in 3rd ch fr hook twelve times, join, ch2, hdc…etc increasing or decreasing to shape.) after working 4 or 5 rounds, stuff with cotton, start to close with tog sts, then start adding seed st (sc/tr), alternating. Work this for 3 rows then close top and add a stem in the same manner as leaf [above]. Break tail long and use it to sew/attach acorn to leaf. Weave in tails.

Another way to make acorns is in two pieces (and sew together) so one fits over the top.

 For drops/balls, see also:

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