Crochet Flower – Techniques

Crochet Flower Techniques

by Ann Reillet

There are so many ways to crochet flowers; in-the-round, petal by petal, even rolling a long strip to form a rose. Here is a sewing technique, using the tails to attach small flowers to a stem and to one another. Made in #30 thread with #11 hook, this flower will be used in an Irish Crochet project.

Here is a medallion using a layering technique; a rosace consisting of 1 Irish rose, 8 Venetian leaves sewn to a circle of solid dc. Made in 10/2 cone cotton/wood blends with #8 hook, the medallion could be used for a variety of projects; etui, motif for pillow, center of hat, purse, or scarf closure, etc… I turned this one into an etui/needle case.

A variety of stitches to create texture and elements of the petals and interior.

While it’s nice to start with the end in mind, the layout configuration is often worked free form; as you go. Start with a large flower or medallion piece, work vines or leaves off of the center in various directions.

5 thoughts on “Crochet Flower – Techniques

  1. I’m just starting to get into Irish Crochet and your blog is very helpful! I guess I will make much longer tails from now on when I practice seeing as they can also be used for finishing things up. Thank you for the tip!

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