Crochet – Eyeglass Holder Brooch

Vintage Eyeglass Holster Brooch

Vintage Eyeglass Holder Brooch

Eyeglass holster brooches are typically made of metal and resemble small but decorative door knockers. Using the medallion pattern from my previous post, paired with a large ring, I created this Eyeglass Holster Medallion Brooch:

A far more decorative option is Sharon Santorum’s Victorian Eyeglass Holder Brooch Pattern, c. 2013. It’s a lovely feminine design. I worked this in size 20 thread and added Venise applique lace. The pattern is available here:

Sharon Santorum is a Michigan based crochet designer. Her patterns sell online at various retailers like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Ravelry, Etsy, Craftsy and many more. Her shop is called “Creeks End.”

One look at Sharon Santorum’s patterns brings an instant smile. Whether it’s her tuxedo and ballerina bibs, animal beanies or banana hammock, you’re sure to find something fun to crochet. I especially like her Mardi Gras masks.

3 thoughts on “Crochet – Eyeglass Holder Brooch

    • Yes. It’s this pattern:

      I just used black thread for the medallion on the eyeglass holder, looking at it, I think it was size 10, so I’d of used a #7 or #8 hook.

      Then I made the large open circle by wrapping the thread 20x around the barrel of a cylinder, slide off, insert hook, pull up a thread, sc to secure, then fill with sc, join with sl st and resume pattern for medallion skipping the first center.

      For the cylinder, it just depends how big you want the hole to be, I used a toothpick holder because that was about the same size as the first/center of the medallion, but other options would be lipstick case, the cap that goes on pump hairspray bottles, narrow spice bottle, anything that’s cylinder.

      After finishing the open circle decoration and when you’re happy with the size of both, just hand-sew the open center circle behind the lower portion of the medallion and then sew a brooch clasp (or even a safety pin) centered higher on the medallion.

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