Crochet “Splendid” Doily Rug – A Patricia Kristoffersen Pattern

Crochet “Splendid” Doily Rug
a Patricia Kristoffersen Pattern

This is a fun project that I highly recommend. Instantly rewarding and elegant, but then, all Patricia Kristoffersen‘s patterns are.

For the rug, I used two (2) Caron One Pound skeins of 100% acrylic yarn in Cream color #0589 (no dye lot) and an N (9.0mm) hook, scissors and wide eye needle for weaving in tail. There were no color or yarn changes so it was made in a continuous feed using two (2) strands of yarn. There was some yarn left over; enough to make a scarf. The finished piece is 42″ inches in diameter.

To keep the yarn from tangling, set each skein in a separate box, place the boxes on the floor and draw the yarn strands together over a side table; crossing off pattern rounds as you go.

To finish, weave in tail. Lay out overnight, using weights, if necessary, to hold the ideal shape.  The next day, take outside and spray/coat with heavy starch and fabric fireproofing spray (alum/water), and a top coat/stain guard (similar to the kind used to spray new shoes). Then lay out again in ideal shape. Let dry and enjoy!

Optional: If you want to sew a backing (non-slip), JoAnn’s sells canvas strips.

The “Splendid” pattern was first published in American School of Needlework #1277, Wonderful Doilies, Jan. 1999 ed. No longer in print, but sometimes found on Ebay. It’s available for purchase as a stand-alone download pattern in pdf format on the designer’s Etsy page at:


When you really love a pattern it’s like a book, flip back to page 1 and start over. Here is a color version, using soft gray as the main color and medium gray on rounds 2, 8, 9, 14,17, 18, and 21. This was made for a bathroom so it has been starched, protected with fabric spray and wax coated to make it waterproof.  Tip: An easy way to wax thread and/or yarn is to melt white beeswax and pour into a tea light tin mold using a golf on the green marker to create a hole, then feed the yarn through the wax as you crochet.

Below is “Pineapple Song” the second doily pattern from “The Best of Patricia Kristoffersen” pg. 10-14 and shown on cover. This measures 72″ across and uses 5  1/2 lbs or 6 skeins of Caron One Pound acrylic yarn; made using a 2-strand and 9.00mm hook. It took much time and patience, but it’s breathtaking. The pictures really don’t do it justice.

Don’t have time to work an entire rug? Try adding an edging to an existing rug.

Here’s a blanket in soft baby yarn. I made this to fit the “Dream on Me” round crib which has a 45.5″ diameter so I added various stitches until it measured 46″.


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