Irish Crochet Motif – Ancient Scroll

Free Form Irish Crochet Motif – Ancient Scroll

by Ann Reillet

This is an unusual motif for Irish Crochet, which is mainly done with floral elements. Inspired by a desire to create cross cultural motifs and a fondness for ancient history, this crochet scroll contains ancient Sabaean letters in no particular order or message. Worked in size 20 thread with a #10 (1.3mm) hook, the finished motif measures 2 1/2″ W x 3″ L. The scroll consists of a 36 starting ch worked in solid dc for about 24 rows. The sides are crab-stitched, then the ends are rolled down and sewn in place. The letters are all free form, tea stained, and sewn to the surface using the end tails.


Sabaean is an extinct Semitic language spoken in Saba, modern Yemen, in Southern Arabia from 1000 BC to the 6th century AD. Though unique in many ways, it’s thought to originate from the Byblos alphabet; its true origin remains a mystery. Written in a boustrophedon style: that is, alternating right to left and left to right. The letters are mainly straight lines; which lend themselves well to crochet. Many of the letters remind me of stitch symbols on modern sewing machines. Numerous examples of Sabaean text have been discovered throughout Yemeni ruins, the oldest inscription dates to 500 BC.

Sabaean Alphabet


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