Crochet Vase

The Cotton Pot

by Ann Reillet


Like a writer making ink or a carpenter’s wooden tool box, sometimes we need to crochet items that help us crochet, like a basket, etui, or ball holder.

This is a small (1 1/2″ wide by 2 1/2″ tall), lidded Crochet Vase to hold cotton for stuffing motifs. They make plastic lidded jars for vanities, but I liked the idea of crocheting a miniature pot instead.


To crochet a vase of any size, it’s important to keep count, adding or subtracting stitches at exact intervals; if not, the vase will lose symmetry. All (or most) vases are crocheted very tightly in sc only. They can be lined with cord or firm flex plastic stays as a frame to support the structure. It’s also a good idea to start with the end in mind. Have a picture, sketch or idea of the ideal shape and work toward that achievement.

This pattern is similar to making a beanie, starting with a magic circle, sc a flat base approximately the size of a coin, then add an insufficient number of sts to effect curling, continue shaping by adding sts to widen and decreasing sts to narrow. When satisfied with the height, add a decorative shell border. The lid is comprised of the medallion pattern that I previously contributed and the ruffle flower is also in a previous post; it’s the center of the bow shoe clip pattern. The flower is sewn on to the vase using the tail from the flower and the lid is just set atop.


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