Crochet – Combination Flower

Crochet – Combination Flower

The Ravelry Irish Crochet Lover’s group had a June CAL (crochet-along) on asymmetric motifs. I struggled to wrap my mind around the exercise because I’m the type of person that likes things symmetrical.  In the end, I came up with this combination flower.


All the elements of this motif come from previous projects. The center is a circle wrapped 20 times around the barrel of a “J” aluminum hook, crocheted over in sc. The inner petals are hdc clusters in every 3rd st in the front loop only (ch 2, hdc, hdc, ch 2, sl st) repeated around. The second tier of petals, worked in the back loop, is a ch 18 worked over for shaping (it’s similar to the petals from my Amer Fort Fresco Flower), 4-strand padding is added around these petals and that completes the first flower.  The next step was to make a few of the large open flower petals from the Sophie T. LaCroix pattern I posted earlier (and am still working on…eek) and hand sew these along the back. I noticed that a triangle could also be made.

The long leaf scroll was part of a practice piece for the Sophie LaCroix project. I ended up using a different type of thread, but saved the work. The smaller arched scroll is free-form. It starts with a Romanian Point Lace Cord and graduates out to take shape; adding sts along one side to make it curl. The finished motif is small (just over 4″) and fits in the palm of my hand; worked in US size 30 thread with a #12 (1.00mm) hook.  I noticed several ways to attach the scrolls to make interesting shapes.

Ultimately the idea is to have fun and learn along the way. Inspiration is all around us, we just need to feel it. Sometimes changing a stitch or substituting elements from one project to another net something unique.

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