Crochet Thread Pendant Flower Pattern

Crochet Thread Pendant

_MG_5195 (2)

A triangle is an excellent way of bridging the difference between flowers of odd shapes and sizes; bringing a piece together. This crochet thread pendant is comprised of three (3) separate motifs hand-sewn together.

  • The top could be any open-work flower. The pattern I used (above) is a variation (6 petals) of the cinquefoil flower posted here 
  • The center trillium pattern:
    ch 4, 2-dc-tog in 4th ch from hook, ch 3, sl st in same ch sp (this center ch sp is used throughout) *ch 3, 2-dc-tog, ch 3, sl st, *repeat 1 time, **sc-ch1-sc-ch1-sc-ch1-sc in the ch3 sp, sc in top/tog, ch 3, sc in last sc, sc-ch1-sc-ch1-sc-ch1-sc in next ch3 sp, sl st in center, **repeat 2 times, add stem (optional) ch 5, sc in 2nd ch from hook and in each remaining, sl st, end/break thread.
  • _MG_5118
  • The bottom motif could be a rose or any circular shape, like the one shown below:
    Wind size 20 thread 20x around handle of J (6.00MM) hook, slide off, insert #10 (1.30MM) hook, pull up a loop, sc
    Rnd 1:  18 sc in ring, join with sl st,
    Rnd 2:  working in top loop only, cluster (ch 3, dc, ch 3, sl st) in every other st, sl st between, join. Note: in the flower at the top of the page I just did hdc only in the top loop to make it straight.
    Rnd 3 & 4:  work one round of sc in the back loop then work one round of *popcorn (5dc), ch 1, dc in next, ch 1, *repeat around, join
    Rnd 5:  (Optional) [shown below with and above without] 3-tr-tog, ch 6 around
    Rnd 6:  shell (9dc), sc between
    Rnd 7:  (Optional) [below with above without] edge, sc, ch 1, sc around
  • _MG_5208

Another pendant style, shown below, uses a layering technique with accent. Any open work flower sewn to the surface of a solid circle back. Fabric (optional) could be sandwiched before sewing to create contrast [or you could use colored thread for the solid circle]. The accent uses the trilium pattern (above) at the top and a circle chain with a Romanian Point Lace Cord between. All components being made separate and sewn together to form one piece.


Another pendant style, shown below, is a Vintage Pattern called “Lamp Medallion” with a free-form sunflower atop.


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