Faux Stained Glass

Faux Stained Glass (Paint on Plastic)

Faux Stained Glass
(Paint on Plastic)

Stained Glass is an art dating back to antiquity. At its finest it’s timeless and beautiful, but highly intricate. Many enthusiastic beginners quickly find themselves conceding defeat because of the cumbersome and dangerous process. Glass cutting and shards are just one of the hazards, soldering lead produces noxious fumes. So the risk of getting cut, burned or poisoned should be considered.

Fortunately, we live in a technical age full of possibilities, countless alternatives, and free online video tutorials. Thus you don’t have to be a glazier to make stained glass art, rather, you can work with clear compact discs (CDs) or plastic sheeting (plexiglass) and glass paints. The best part is how fun and easy it is. The drawback, it won’t fool a trained eye.

Maria Amora makes amazing Mandala Sun Catchers out of old CDs.

Check out her YouTube video tutorial at:  https://youtu.be/U50Am87344E

Maria Amora – Faux Stained Glass – Paint on CDs

There are two (2) major suppliers of faux stained glass supplies: Gallery Glass and Deco Art. Each provide an array of paint colors together with liquid leading and/or rubber adhesive lead lines.

• To make a faux stained glass, first use a clear cd or piece of clear plastic cut to size.
• Clean and dry the plastic.
• Print out the design and tape it behind the glass.
• Trace the outline with liquid leading or use adhesive rubber leading. Check for gaps.
• Paint or pour colors into the reservoirs and allow to dry. Check for air bubbles (use toothpick).
• Drill a small hole and hang with chain, fishing line, or strong thread, whichever you prefer.

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