Crochet Lampshade

Crochet Lampshade
by Ann Reillet


You’ve heard of yarn bombs, right? Well I kinda thread bombed my lamp. It was a bit of a work horse, dented, paint splattered, the worse for wear, but rather than end it, I thought maybe I can mend it.

As I dove into the project I asked my husband, “What do you think to my lampshade?” He replied. “Can’t wait to see the fire.” I hope he didn’t jinx me. After all, this is my first lampshade. Crocheted in the round, using the shade as a guide. Size 30 thread and #11 hook. Aside from a repeating round of dc, the rows are a mix of stitches from various patterns and beadwork was added.

I could stiffen the crochet and remove the shade entirely, but I like the soft natural look and the way it drapes over the hard plastic shade.Β To stiffen this type of crochet, apply vaseline to the plastic shade (or, if it’s fabric, wrap in cellophane), mist the crochet with water and alum for fireproofing then paint or sponge on a mixture of glue (ModPodge or Elmers & water). Balance to drip dry on plastic (trash bag) for 2 days. Remove plastic and spray inside/outside with fabric fixant (Scotch Guard) and fabric fireguard (No Burn).

I changed the lamp color from black to white by degreasing with soap followed by alcohol, let dry, tape off, spray paint with white matte followed by two acrylic topcoats. A strip of lawn insertion lace was sewn to the arm, lace and net decorate the top.

10 thoughts on “Crochet Lampshade

  1. It is beautiful. I absolutely love it, and the colour is perfect for when you have the lamp on.
    I did a crocheted cover a little while back, and use the lamp every night, still no fire. πŸ™‚ You wont be jinxed. πŸ™‚ It works beautifully and gives the perfect light.
    Well done!!

    • No, it’s free-form using the lampshade as a guide. Aside from a repeating round of dc only, the stitches are taken from various patterns, usually just one or two rows.

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