Vintage Venetian Opera Bag No. 1044 – Mary Card – Royal Society

  • Venetian Opera Bag No. 1044

  • Mary Card
  •  Royal Society Crochet Lessons
  • Volume 1    Book 4    Pgs 14-16
  • c. 1914

Pattern Available Online Free of Charge at

This was a fun project that I highly recommend. It’s perfect for a bride or opera attendee. The bag is so delicate and lovely. I think if I had it to do all over again, I would use silk thread; truly an heirloom piece. To read about this project and the happy discoveries I made along the way click here –> Venetian Opera Bag


PS:  I forgot to mention in the attachment that I also worked a crab stitch across the top opening of the bag. The lining is then sewn just under the crab st. I used a snap closure. Later on, I discovered that the medallion inset makes a wonderful leaf motif.

Anns Leaf using Mary Cards inset for Venetian Opera Bag 1044

6 thoughts on “Vintage Venetian Opera Bag No. 1044 – Mary Card – Royal Society

  1. This is gorgeous. Well done! ♥ I love your modifications, the use of the Bleeding Hearts edging, and also the reverse single crochet around the top edge of the bag! I have one of these Venetian Opera Bags almost finished. I faithfully tried to follow the original pattern on mine, however, you have inspired me to make some decisions and pursue finishing mine sometime soon! I just need to line mine and decide on what type of bobbles and how many. Mine has been hanging in the closet just waiting for me to do that. :o)
    Blessings ~

    • Thank you. I’m so glad to hear that you’re making this. I love all of Mary Card’s designs, many are more complex than modern designs, but in the end, it’s your bag so you have to make it how you want it. On the baubles, might I suggest that in addition to the dangling balls on the bottom maybe add a blue bell at the top? In the orig. pattern there’s some balls at the top, which I omitted, but in hindsight I think blue bells would look lovely there. It’s just like the ball pattern, but instead of stuffing it with cotton and closing it, you divide the sts by 5 and bring those to a point. I think I posted a pattern somewhere on this blog that has the bells. I’ll check later and add it. Good luck with your bag. Hugs! Ann

  2. My great-grandmother (the one I knew, the other died at 30 from pneumonia) crocheted beautifully. I have a picture of her during this time period. How they did everything they had to do, the HARD way, and found time for crochet, tatting, and such is amazing. We are so spoiled today! When my great-grandmother went into town, she was always dressed to the nines! My jeans, western boots, etc., are probably making her cringe in Heaven! Ah, she knew where my heart was. I still have some of her crochet. Those were true ladies b back then! Not like today at all!!! Thank you for sharing the link and patterns. Think I’m going to make one in honor of my “Big Mama”, In Una P. Trawick Blackburn. I miss her so much! Thank you!!!

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