Vintage Crochet Medallion Pattern

Crochet Treasures

Old Towne Orange, California
6 miles from Disneyland, located off the 22 Freeway North on Glassell

If you’re ever in Southern California and want to go antiquing, Old Towne Orange is a must. The city’s claim of being the “Antique Capital of Southern California” is bolstered by over sixty (60) shops selling vintage collectibles in and around downtown Main Street. The inventory is constantly changing and crochet is just one of the many treasures to be found.

My husband and I visited Orange yesterday and I found some Needlecraft Magazines at the Antique Station. I could scarcely wait to get home and read them that it turned out to be the shortest shopping trip in Reillet history. My hubby was pleased.

I acquired 3 issues of Needlecraft Magazine: Jan. 1924, 1925, and March 1926, all contain crochet patterns, knitting patterns, recipes, and articles.

I want to share some of the highlights including a recipe for “Fancy Meatloaf” beginning with making your own hamburger by taking diced round streak and pork through a meat grinder. Yikes, but wait, it gets better: You hard boil a couple eggs and secret these in the loaf before baking, then when you cut the meatloaf each slice has an egg center which kinda looks like an eye looking at you, looking at it, thinking Somebody went crazy with the meatloaf!’

There are a number of crochet patterns, but the two I like most are from the Jan. 1925 issue. One is a filet crochet handbag by Emma L. Boardman and the other is a gorgeous crochet medallion (No. 1); for insertion by Eleanor D. Hill. Making the medallion broadened my crochet etymology: In the vintage pattern, the modern “popcorn stitch” is referred to as a “knob st”. Who knew?


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