Crochet Dress – Eclectic Schemes


Some of the finest crochet designs come to us from faraway places. Modern designers have given us wonderful texture, colorful arrangements, and eclectic pattern schemes reminiscent of old Aran Afghans. The lacy openwork is breathtaking and often, overwhelming to the average crocheter, but once we study the piece, break it down into workable components, we realize that anyone can make this. It just takes a little skill and patience.

You can do it!

DIY – – You can even create your own designs by gathering all of your patterns, especially lace and open work, even doily patterns, then mix and match rows in sections layering them with one row that’s repeated throughout the design to bring it all together. The hardest part is keeping the edges and rows lined up, so work in the round as much as possible and keep trying it on as you make it.

Check out fiber artist Fatima Lasay’s gorgeous runway-style dress that she made using doily patterns.

Evening Step by KrinichkiAlthough certain schemes contained in this skirt come from patterns published in various books and magazines, such as Russia’s Duplet Magazine and Japan’s Craft Magazine called “Let’s Knit Series” Vol. 10, Aug. 2008, the skirt design in its entirety is called “Evening Steppe by Osinki Krinichki.” It’s a long eclectic scheme skirt that combines various stitch patterns to create a stunning finished piece.

The schemes are available online free of charge at:

There’s also a written pattern specifically for the skirt available for purchase download at Etsy by “Favorite Patterns” under a working arrangement with the designer. However, if you purchase the pattern, be sure to look closely at the photographs because the written instructions don’t follow them exactly, for instance, charts for the waist scheme have two (2) rows of net between the strips of dc, but in the photograph, the designer placed four (4) rows of netting in between. It can make for a lot of confusion, but if you go by the pictures and adjust the pattern the end result is similar.

To make the dress, shown below, just continue upward to the arms, a little higher in the front chest, then make straps to sew on. To finish create a liner to sew-in or just wear a ready-made full-slip underneath. The shawl is from a separate project.  I used UKI Supreme Astra yarn in size 5/2 cone in color “quarry” with a #5 (1.90 MM) hook. It took about a month to make and used less than one spool. There’s enough yarn on the large cone to make the dress and a shawl in a wide variety of sizes.  




One thought on “Crochet Dress – Eclectic Schemes

  1. I would love to order a maxi skirt. I was wondering if you have the ability to make a gypsy type of sweater that flows to the ground and has a hood? Stevie nix inspired style. I am Churrells mom

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