Crochet Thread Flower Doily


CrochetThread —  Flower or Doily

by Ann Reillet


This pattern features a few less common crochet techniques. The flower, which can be made as an insertion commences with an Irish Crochet padded circle and finishes with a round of Venetian Crochet. 

The flower is made in 5 rnds measuring 2 1/2”. The doily continues 9 more rnds measuring 6 1/2” but one could venture onward to create something truly unique. Pehaps, adding a trellis netting or various stitches to increase the size.

FREE Pattern. Enjoy!

• Crochet Thread, Cone 10/2
• Steel Hook, US Size 10
• Aluminum Hook, US Size N
• Scissors & Needle

(Photos shown left-handed)


1) Make Irish Crochet padded ring thus: Wrap #10 thread 10x around the handle of N hook, slide off, insert #10 hook, pull up a loop, yo, sc to secure. 23 sc in ring, join with sl st to beg sc (=24 sc)

2) ch 1, sc in same joining st, *ch3, sk1, sc, *repeat around, join last st by replacing ch3 with a dc in beg sc (=12 sps)

3) ch2 (does not count), 5dc-popcorn in this dc sp, *ch2, dc in sc, 5dc-popcorn in ch3sp, *repeat around, join with dc in sc and sl st in 1st popcorn (=12 popcorns separated by ch2s & dc between)

4) ch3 (counts as dc), *v-st in ch2sp {v-st = dc-ch2-dc}, dc in dc, dc in popcorn, *repeat around, join with dc in dc and sl st in beg dc (=12 groups of four dc separated by ch2s)

Note: Rnd 5 is a Venetian rnd. In Venetian crochet chains are worked in reverse then crocheted over in the forward direction; so the worked is turned, then turned again and so forth.  The photo below shows the left-handed route taken. Scan0024

5) sl st to 2nd dc of v-st, *ch 5, turn, sk ch2sp, sl st in dc {this is the other dc of this v-st}, ch 1, turn, working in ch5sp [2 sc, 5-dc-popcorn, ch 3, 2 sc], sl st in same st on ring as used for the beg ch5, sl st in next st, ch 9, turn, sk the ch5 decoration, sl st in next, ch 1, turn, working in ch9sp [7 sc, ch 3, 7 sc], sl st in same and in next 5 sts to arrive at 2nd dc of v-st, repeat from * up to “working in ch9sp” then [4 sc, ch 3, turn, sl st in 4th sc of prev ch9 decoration, ch 1, turn, working in ch3sp [2 sc, ch 3, 2 sc], resume working in ch9sp with [3 sc, ch 3, 7 sc], sl st in same and in next 5 sts and *repeat around (=24 picots). Here ends the flower, to make the doily, continue, or add an edging/border (see photo).

6) (optional) to make doily, continue: sl st to next ch3sp, ch 7 (counts as hdc and ch5), *hdc in next ch3sp, ch 5, *repeat around, join with sl st in 2nd ch of beg. hdc

7) sl st in ch5sp, ch 1, 8 sc, *sk 1, 8 sc in next ch5 sp, *repeat around, join with sl st in beg sc

8) ch 4 (counts as tr), *tr in preceding st by working behind the post of the st just made, ch 2, sk 4, dc, dc in preceding st in same manner (to form “x” shape; alternating tr and dc to keep edge circular in shape), ch 2, sk remaining, tr in first st of next group, *repeat around, join with sl st in beg tr

9) ch 1, sc in same, sc in st around placing only 1sc in each ch2sp, join with sl st in beg sc. Note: Tension is unique to the individual, but the piece should lay relatively flat. You can block and iron some of that uniqueness out, but if it’s curling or waffling, adjust the stitches on this round 9.  Note, if you want to make a coaster, end here and add a shell border around, or continue for doily.

10) ch 1, sc in same, *ch 7, sk 3, sc, ch 5, sk 3, sc, ch 5, sk 3, sc, *repeat around, join with sl st in beg sc

11) 3 sl st in ch7sp, working in this ch7sp: [ch 4 (counts as tr)-2-tr-tog, ch 1, 3-tr-tog], *ch 6, 3-tr-tog in ch5sp, 3-tr-tog in next ch5sp, ch 6, [3-tr-tog, ch1, 3-tr-tog] in ch7sp, *repeat, join with sl st in beg tr-tog

12) ch 1, *sc in beg tr-tog, 2 sc in ch1sp, sc in 2nd tr-tog, 7 sc in ch6sp, 1 sc between tr-togs, 7 sc in ch6sp, *repeat around, join with sl st in beg sc

13) ch 4 (counts as tr)-tr in same, ch2, 2-tr-tog in next, ch 2, 2-tr-tog, ch 2, 2-tr-tog (=four 2-tr-tog), *ch 5, sk 7, tr in next, ch 5, sk 7, 2-tr-tog, ch 2, 2-tr-tog, ch 2, 2-tr-tog, ch 2, 2-tr-tog, ch 2, 2-tr-tog (=five 2-tr-tog), *repeat around, join with 2-tr-tog, ch2, sl st in beg tr-tog (making five 2-tr-tog at beg)

14) ch 1, *[in each ch2sp: sc-ch3-sc], 6 sc in ch5sp, sc in tr, 6 sc in ch5sp, *repeat around, join with sl st in beg sc. End. Break thread. Weave in tail.(or keep going on your own to create a larger unique doily 🙂


Stem & Leaf: To make the stem crochet a chain the desired length, sc in 2nd ch from hook and in each remaining ch, add 2 extra in last ch to turn, working the back side insert hook in the two-strands of the top of the scs now located on bottom, thus crocheting over the piece (to thicken, but not widen). End. Break thread long, use tail to sew/attach to flower.  To make the leaf scroll up, click “Home” tab, see post on Venetian Opera Bag No. 1044, (Mary Card), this is a variation of the inset medallion, the first 2 paragraphs of the pattern available online free at Antique Pattern Library. The only difference is a stem was added in lieu of the final 3 Venetian bars.

9 thoughts on “Crochet Thread Flower Doily

  1. On the shiney maroon flower doily, the maroon flower is different then the written pattern, how did you do the middle?
    I can’t beleive how beautiful it is.
    Thank you

    • Hi Juli,
      Thank you. On the maroon flower, there’s just an extra round, call it 2 1/2 At the end of Rnd 1, join with sl st in front loop. Work Rnd 2 twice; once in the front loop and once in the back loop. Then continue with pattern working Rnd 3 in that 2nd lower tier of loops, leaving the 1st tier unworked. It’s a small variation but results in a fuller looking center.

      Have a wonderful day.

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