Crochet News #3

Typed NewsCrochet Tidbits – Who Knew?

By Ann Reillet

In keeping with my desire to share with others, interesting crochet tidbits I stumble upon, I humbly divulge the following:

Back to Basics
We all need a virtual trainer to keep our fitness on track. Remember, most physical activity requires some warm-up. So, whether you’re a singer, musician, athlete or crafter extraordinaire, a little calisthenics goes a long way in preventing injury.

These hand exercises, demonstrated by Physical Therapist Bob Schrupp, are wonderful for people who work with their hands:

I’ve added Bob’s hand stretches to my morning routine and hope that you will too. But it doesn’t stop there:

When we knit or crochet, we not only feel the condition of our hands, but we see them too. Lotions and manicures are just the topical aesthetic, look also at the ‘moons’ of your fingernails because they’re indicative of internal health.

Whether sitting or moving about, good posture is important. So, head up, shoulders back, stomach in, and balance that pattern book on your head; and should you drop it, remember to bend your knees.

When planning a long crochet adventure, clothing should be comfortable for sitting, but sitting for long periods should be avoided. Stand up, move around and get some fresh air. There’s no sense in wearing out your body or the chair.

Now that you’re ready for your close-up, make sure you have good lighting and that you can see what’s in front of you. Even before I needed reading-glasses, I used a magnifier when working with small hooks.

Feeling good equates to more energy and you can use that energy to organize your life and your yarn. I’ve been ‘Spring Cleaning’ and it’s made my whole world feel lighter and that puts a spring in my step. Now I can focus on some unfinished projects.

Pattern Detective
Entering the 21st century has been a slow ride for me. Even now, venturing onto the computer and merging into traffic, I’m still figuring out what some of these buttons do.

One of the features I like most is Google Image Search. If you see an image that you like, right-click it and select ‘Search Google for Image’ this can help you identify where the photo originated. If the search is congested with ‘pinterest’ posts, try filtering with a ‘Custom Date Range,’ going further back until you spy the original.

This feature is great at finding patterns, as I recently discovered.  I saved an image which I assumed was an antique photograph of vintage crochet work, but Google Image Search showed it was actually a modern design with a crochet pattern available for purchase!  I was thrilled and purchased it with an instant download. The design is by Illiana, New York.

If you have time, please visit the Illiana website. It’s full of beautiful handmade house wares and fashion. Some of the crochet patterns are available for purchase. My favorite is the timeless ‘Crochet Cardigan No. 220.’

The Little Doily that Snood
If you’re like me, then you’ve had a flock of doilies fly south on you. Maybe our tension was off, the substituted thread wasn’t suitable, or the pattern completely befuddled us. Either way, we’re ready to chuck it or start the painful process of pulling out all that time and work. Let’s don’t.


Instead, look only forward. Turn that waffling, curling, less round and more tortilla shape into a functional snood.

We could add a lining, thread a silk ribbon around the perimeter or gather the edge and sew it onto an elastic hair-band, add some beads and wear it as a bun cover.

When someone compliments us, we’ll just say, ‘Oh, thank you. I made it myself.’

Cheers!   Ann


If you have a crochet tip or trick you’d like to share, I’d love to hear it. Comment below or contact me directly.

Thank you for visiting and hope to see you again soon. – Ann

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